Yay for me

Fast Lane is now 57,123 words long. More significant, the last two are “the” and “end.”

It feels great to make it all the way through but, of course, I’m not really done. I have a pretty good blueprint and comments from the wonderful members of my writers group, so I’m as excited about moving into phase two as I am about finishing phase one.

Sometimes it seems I’ve been writing Fast Lane forever. By the time I started this blog last July, I’d already been pounding away at it for several months.

And thinking about it for several years. Twenty-four, to be exact.

The first time I started writing Fast Lane was for a night course in screenwriting at Marquette University. I never finished—and I’m glad I didn’t.

While some elements survived the decades, the plot I had in mind back then now feels convoluted and pretentious. What I have now is delightfully unpredictable and refuses to take itself too seriously.

Still, I love how certain themes seemed to develop by themselves as I proceeded through the first draft. I’m not going to name those themes, because there’s a good chance anyone else who reads Fast Lane will likely find different ones. Suffice it to say that the experience so far has been highly satisfying.

For the next month or so, I’ll be focusing on making some suggested changes to a futuristic sci-fi/action screenplay called The Sky Below. But I’ll still be a Man Writing a Romance. Fast Lane slow-cooked in my subconscious, working out plot points and character arcs, for more than twenty years. Twenty more days in the crock pot of my mind will no doubt help bring all the flavors together even more.

In the meantime, thank you for reading ManWAR What with topics just throwing themselves at me almost every minute of every day, I will continue to post here—and you’ll be the first to know when I again click on the file marked Fast Lane.doc.

(BTW: If anyone you know in Hollywood is looking for a futuristic sci-fi/action screenplay that was a Slamdance semifinalist and a Los Angeles Film Festival Honorable Mention winner, tell them to contact me at rowrite@gmail.com.)

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