Viva la vulva

I was at a journalism function at my alma mater, a Catholic university where I sometimes teach news writing, when the subject of vulvas came up.

Actually, the subject came up at a restaurant after the function—and a few gin and tonics—when I told a former classmate I was writing a romance novel and mentioned some of the research I’d been doing.

He was interested in what one women’s health website called “V fashion.” The website reported on a survey that found a significant percentage of women shave off at least some pubic hair, while increasing numbers scrape it all away.


Several sources said it’s the influence of porn, where the question apparently has gone from whether the carpet matches the drapes to whether the floor has any covering at all.

In the HBO show “Katie Morgan Porn 101,” the actress—in character and in costume—waxes snarky after showing clips of blue movies from the ’60s and ’70s, quipping, “Didn’t they have razors back then?”

Well, yeah. But, apparently, no one had thought of using them to turn grown women back into little girls.

Hundreds of men agreed with this sentiment in a poll a few years ago. Other studies have shown that younger women are more likely to go bald than older ones, which makes me glad I turned nineteen when I did.

At any rate, I have to give my old college bud credit for summing things up so well. “It’s a destination,” he said. “You want something to be there when you arrive.”

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