To-do list

I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, a trend I suspect will continue in 2011.

For example, I was thinking this might be a good year to stop smoking, but that’s impossible. Unless I started smoking first.

On the other hand, I could just state a few goals.

Goal #1: I will finish Fast Lane and, one way or another, foist it upon the marketplace.

Goal #2: I will rewrite my script The Sky Below, because after it made it to the semifinals of the Slamdance and Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum’s contests and won an honorable mention from the Los Angeles Film Festival, two people who work in Hollywood said they’d help get it into some player’s hands if I made a few changes.

Fortunately, they also made good suggestions as to what those changes should be.

One of my stuff-blows-up scripts, The Sky Below has some cool futuristic tech, rockin’ action scenes and a killer premise built around a dystopia two hundred years hence. The hero needs a fatal flaw, though. And the story could use—duh!—a romantic subplot.

You may think I should have seen that second one coming. Fortunately, The Sky Below already has a kick-ass female character who’s a natural love interest. And I can apply what I’ve learned from Fast Lane about what makes a smokin’ romance.

Two things to do in one-one. Here I go…

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