The funny story about sizes

In one scene of Fast Lane, Lara’s in a high-end hotel room that has a closet full of lingerie for guests to use. I had her grabbing one in a pinch that I described as being six sizes too big.

Giggles all around from the women in the writers group.

One of them, Judy—Judy’s great, she’ll be coming up more in the future, for sure—explained it to me this way:

“I was thinking, even if Lara’s a size 6, this negligee would be an 18.”

Oh, right. Women’s clothing manufacturers don’t know about odd numbers. And here’s me, thinking six sizes larger than a 6 would be a 12!

So, everyone had a good laugh, which isn’t all bad—Fast Lane is supposed to be funny. It just can’t be funny because of mistakes like that.

Which is another reason I love my writers group.

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