Sex scene, not heard (part two)

The reason it’s “sex scene, not heard” is that I did not read it out loud. I needed to know if the women at the table found the scene arousing when they read it, and me barking the words at them didn’t seem like an effective approach.

As I thought they would, the ladies of the round table approached the assignment like pros.

“Excellent use of senses and description,” Kate wrote. “Sensual…delicately written…I tried to hide my blush.”

Judy liked reading what Lara was thinking while she was “stroking Clay through his white cotton briefs.” At this point, Lara’s seriously conflicted about her mission to destroy Clay, and the readers agreed the tension added an interesting dimension.

Christi enjoyed Lara’s musings about Clay’s unexpected underwear, but suggested I better describe how Lara grabs Clay by the face to pull him up from in between her legs.

On a related topic, more than one reader noted that as much as a gal likes looking at a guy with an unshaven face, she wants him to put some mileage on his razor before putting his face anywhere close to her thighs. Duh.

Sheila didn’t write anything, but she gave the scene a thumbs-up and a nod. High praise, indeed.

Finally, there was some disagreement about duration. Fodder for a stand-up? Not really. Kim thought there “could be even more of the scene—building up excitement and anticipation.” Judy, though, was glad the scene played out in six hundred words.

“In one book I read,” she explained, “there was eight pages of sex in a row, and I kept thinking, ‘Get on with it already.’”

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