Sex scene, not heard (part three)

The scene we’ve been discussing is actually the second “big” sex scene in Fast Lane. I learned a lot from the first one and previous scenarios that take place in Lara’s imagination, but I still found myself wondering what made a great sex scene great.

In erotic romances I’ve read, the sex scenes remind me of the decidedly male-oriented “letters” to Penthouse magazine’s Forum that I find more comical than arousing.

Fortunately, I live with a woman who has read, reread and re-reread every Jennifer Crusie book. She took Welcome to Temptation and Faking It from their exalted positions on our bookshelves and pretty much opened each to within a page or two of some noteworthy carnality.

I love Crusie’s sense of humor, particularly the way she blends humor and sex. After all, sex is kinda funny—but the key is that in Crusie, the funny aspects enhance the arousing ones.

Crusie also demonstrates how an author can achieve huge popularity without writing Forum-like “clinical” descriptions or euphemistic purple prose. A few snippets from the two aforementioned books:

He kissed his way down the curve of her neck, into the hollow of her shoulder, and found a nerve there she didn’t know she had.

He moved higher this time until he hit something so good that Sophie jolted against him and said, “Oh, God, there.”

She gasped once as he licked inside her, and she grabbed the arm of the couch over her head to keep from sliding off, and then he licked her again and got serous and she gave herself up to the pressure he built slowly in her, thinking, This boy has a great mouth.

Top-notch stuff worthy of emulating.

To wit: “Clay kissed his way down the open V of the robe, and when he came to where it was still closed, he buried his face in the pink nap and pushed aside the dense fabric as he continued on his way. Lara sighed when Clay parted her legs and slid his clean-shaven chin up her thighs, stopping to tease her with his breath.”

Did I nail it? The Women of the Roundtable thought so. YMMV—and if it does, let me know.

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