Real women bring Fast Lane characters to life

My good friend Pamela DuMond said, “Hey, Dave, you want to do this ‘Meet the Character’ blog tour thing?” and I thought, “I like meeting characters, so sure.” Then she explained that I wouldn’t be meeting characters, but introducing them so that other people could meet them.

I knew that.
In any event, the timing of Pam’s invite worked out great, because I now can answer her questions with a video!
A few months ago, filmmaker, screenwriter and advertising professional Paige Brien read San Fernando Dreams and suggested we make a trailer for the whole series. Book trailers are pretty common, but we didn’t just want a bunch of stills with words superimposed on them. We wanted action. Real people moving about, delivering lines of dialog. And so I did some fairly thorough and complete Internet staring at Internet photos of models and actresses represented by The Rock Agency in Madison, Wisconsin, and found Angela Campbell to play Lara and Beeshoua Lee to play Sushma.
They did a great job with very little preparation. So did Kaylen Statza, who played Douglyss with no prep at all because she joined the cast on shooting day. Kaylen walked into the studio an hour after Paige called her because of a scheduling conflict, and a few minutes after that, she was standing in front of a green screen in a red gown and acting like…Douglyss.
The guy who played Clay, Jarrod Crooks, did a fine job of appearing to be captivated by a beautiful young woman who was playing a beautiful young woman. Not as easy as it seems: I know that if I had been in his shoes, I would’ve looked more dopey than debonair.
You can watch the movie here in a minute and nineteen seconds. Still, I promised Pam I would fill out her “Meet the Character” form. She did the same a week or so ago. Her blog post is here, and her books are here.
I could write a book about any of my three heroines—oh, wait, I actually did that. I chose Lara for the spotlight in this post because she made the spark fly that changed not only her life, but also the lives of a whole bunch of characters. Lara’s “invasion” of Fast Lane forces Sushma to leave the corporate nest to soar on her own and play a key role in mending Douglyss’s broken wings.
Lara’s also on the first page of Palm Springs Heat and the last page of San Fernando Dreams, so even though she steps aside to let Sushma and Douglyss bask in the glow of their own stories, the series ultimately is about Lara. I owe her my everlasting gratitude.
What is the name of your character?
Lara Dixon
Is she fictional or historical?
She’s fictional in that I made her up; historical in that she’s a lot like me.  
When and where is the story set?
Right now; Los Angeles.
What should we know about her?
She’s very bright, but has a difficult time finding her true calling.
What is the main conflict? What messes up her life? 
She gave a lot during her first marriage, then got betrayed. She wants revenge.
What is the personal goal of the character?
At the beginning, it’s to destroy the man behind a billion-dollar men’s media corporation for promoting a lifestyle she considers disrespectful to women. Her goals change, though, when she discovers that people aren’t always what they seem to be. Including herself.
What else do we need to know?

Palm Springs Heat, the first book, introduces Lara, her nemesis Sushma and Clay Creighton, the man behind Fast Lane. Sushma gets to be a heroine in book two, Malibu Bride. Introduced in Malibu Bride, Douglyss is the star of San Fernando Dreams, in which the lives of all three heroines converge.

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