More about underwear, with cross-dressing thrown in

Now when I open my Yahoo! email page, the first thing I see is a banner ad for those Vanity Fair…underwear.

What could be better than that?

I’ll tell you what: When I scroll over the banner, it switches to those Elle Macpheresons!

A sign from God?

Probably not, but I think I’ll take it as such nonetheless.

BTW, Mary Jo and I were watching Phineas & Ferb the other night, and there was a mention of unmentionables. I believe the word “underwear” was used. Who could have predicted this would become a theme?

I should have, I guess. It’s Halloween, and the twenty-fifth anniversary of the time I made a skirt out of old blue jeans, then hit the local Walgreen’s for a pair of the biggest fishnets in the world and a 42DD bra that, with enough tugging, just barely circumnavigated my torso. A scraggly wig and a bunch of lipstick transformed me into a decent Dee Snider.

A few years later, that wig and a maternity smock that wasn’t otherwise in use at the time transformed me into a fairly hideous witch. (I’m in no way saying all witches are hideous; I’m talking about me in a scraggly wig and a maternity smock.)

Then there was the time I donned green tights and draped a purple skirt over my head and went as a grape. And the year when a Packers jersey bearing Desmond Howard’s No. 81 plus a ballerina skirt equaled a costume I referred to as “Desmond Tutu.” And the year I wore a blue taffeta dress over a red full-body devil costume.

I know–that last one’s a little on-the-nose. But did it me a woman, or a song?

Is there a difference?

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