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Romance, Comedy, Older Men

Since my blog still isn't working, I'm offering this as a blog post. It's not that long: I read a quote today from Eudora Welty: "To write honestly and with all our powers is the least we can do, and the most." That mentality is often applied to "serious" writing. To...

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Wait a minute, mister post-man

Hmmm...haven't posted in a while. I probably will. Pretty soon.Until then, every post since 2010 is still archived here, so check out Classic ManWARs. Or check out the two ManWAR books, aptly titled Man Writing a Romance and Man Writing Another Romance to read during...

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I wish you a merry Christmas cookie

I promised author Gin Jones that I would post a Christmas cookie recipe this week as part of a blog tour. Easy right? Right, because The Man Writing a Romance knows exactly one cookie recipe, and it’s the one on the cover of every box of oatmeal—modified liberally...

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Six packs on ladies? Absolutely not!

You’d think that six-pack abs had something to do with the type of tummy one would get from consuming too much beer, but "six-pack" is, of course, the correct name for what looks like a waffle strapped to the midsection of the typical shirtless male romance cover...

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Real women bring Fast Lane characters to life

My good friend Pamela DuMond said, “Hey, Dave, you want to do this ‘Meet the Character’ blog tour thing?” and I thought, “I like meeting characters, so sure.” Then she explained that I wouldn’t be meeting characters, but introducing them so that other people could...

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Lovin’ her body and soul

I recently ran across this quote:“If a man loves a woman’s soul, he'll end up loving one woman, but if he loves a woman’s face, all the women in the world won't satisfy him.”It sounded good, but I kept wondering exactly why.I started by examining my own experience....

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