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True love and stinky T’s

I love neuroscience. Or, more specifically, I love the neuroscience of love. It's kind of the opposite of what we think of as "romance." Especially when it comes down to the effect that sniffing T-shirts worn several nights by men who were not wearing deodorant. And...

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Seriously, lit?

A while back someone alerted me about The Very Big O being sold on some website I didn't recognize. I checked it out and asked the people who ran it to remove the novella from their listings. Which they did.Which was too bad, in a way.You see, the site sold text books...

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How the Orgasmism came to be

In The Incompetent Witch and the Very Big O (now available for pre-order on Amazon), the thing that terrorizes the countryside comes to life when Prudenzia has a particularly big--dare I say, very big--orgasm under, shall I say, unique and favorable, circumstances....

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“Very Big O” returns April 4!

The first installment of the chronicles of the snarky, lovable witch of Douchecanoe is up for pre-order from Amazon now. Prudenzia La Strega is different from most witches. Her magic doesn't always come out right--but it does come out funny. In The Very Big O, she...

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Romance, Comedy, Older Men

Since my blog still isn't working, I'm offering this as a blog post. It's not that long: I read a quote today from Eudora Welty: "To write honestly and with all our powers is the least we can do, and the most." That mentality is often applied to "serious" writing. To...

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Wait a minute, mister post-man

Hmmm...haven't posted in a while. I probably will. Pretty soon.Until then, every post since 2010 is still archived here, so check out Classic ManWARs. Or check out the two ManWAR books, aptly titled Man Writing a Romance and Man Writing Another Romance to read during...

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