How the Orgasmism came to be

In The Incompetent Witch and the Very Big O (now available for pre-order on Amazon), the thing that terrorizes the countryside comes to life when Prudenzia has a particularly big–dare I say, very big–orgasm under, shall I say, unique and favorable, circumstances. But here’s what happened in real life…

I was joking around with a guy in my writing group about how the flu was going around and riffing about how it funny it would be if there was a virus that made sex so excellent that people would just do it until they die. That led to coming up with a name for said virus, which obviously would be an “orgasmism.”

And voila! Two years later, the Orgasmism became real as Prudenzia’s foe in the first of her wacky adventures.

Above is book designer Rebecca Poole’s rendition of the Orgasmism. Ooky, but cute. Slimey, yet oddly compelling. Menacing, but not in a bad way.

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