Higher education, heavier metal

This week we take a break from our usual discussion of panties to bring you a few important announcements.

First, I’m making a guest appearance on the Romance University blog on Friday, April 6. As you know, I do my best here at ManWAR to sculpt obsessive awareness of pop culture, general silliness and minimal online research into blog posts that inform and amuse. The ladies of RU asked me to write something to help their good readers become gooder writers. So I searched the Internet, my soul and twenty-five years of fiction-writing experience to carve out a post on how losing words makes winning prose.

Second, I’m releasing a new work of fiction, a screenplay called METAL MOM, on Amazon the very next day. It’s about a woman who gave up a shot at the big time as a heavy metal singer to raise a family, and resumes her career now that her kids have gotten older. Fame, domestic disorder and artistic differences with her teen-aged bandmates ensue.

METAL MOM is not a romance, but the relationship between the heroine, Anna, and her husband, Pete, is realistic: contentious at times, but ultimately funny and sweet. They really are looking out for each other even though they’re also looking out for themselves. If you’ve ever had a serious relationship, you know what that can be like.

Anna’s goals also drive her kids crazy. Not difficult, if your kids are teens. Your very existence drives them crazy, and vice versa. But Anna respects her kids and they respect her, albeit a little grudgingly, so there’s a foundation for working things out.

METAL MOM will be free for three days over the weekend, so if you’re not sure if you want to read a screenplay, that’s a no-risk situation. I’ve read hundreds of screenplays over the years, and—this is totally true—I don’t remember them as sheets of paper held together by brads. I remember them as scenes played out on theater screens.

Other readers do, too. One time Mary Jo asked me, “What movie is it where someone in an audience says, ‘You suck,’ and someone in the band says, ‘Is that a request or a review?’” And I said, “That’s in ‘Metal Mom.’”

Download it. Read it. And next time ManWAR will return to a more familiar topic. After all, who ever gets enough talk about panties?

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