Something new is terrorizing the countryside…and it’s hard to get a grasp on it. It’s slimy. It’s icky. And it’s turning the men into needy wimps. As in other crises, the magical folk of Douchecanoe, West Virginia, look to Prudenzia La Strega to save them. And as in other crises, Prudenzia’s nemesis Frigid Brigid is behind it. It would be a tough assignment for a witch who was good at magic, but Prudenzia’s not–and it doesn’t help having her mother swoop in for a visit to goad Pru and her lover Hunter toward providing her with grandebambinos. Lots of action. Lots of laughs. Plus, lots of surprises in the third installment chronicling Prudenzia’s adventures.

What reviewers say:

“Loved it and can’t wait for the next installment. Always good for a laugh or two or three…again and again.”

“This series is literally laugh-out-loud, tears-in-your-eyes funny. If you read this series there is no way you won’t be laughing. I couldn’t put these books down. Read all three in a couple days and had fun. You won’t be disappointed.”