The Incompetent Witch Series

The Incompetent Witch and the Very Big O (Book 1)

How do you deal with an orgasm that comes to life and forces your neighbors to have sex so great it nearly kills them? Since it was her orgasm, Prudenzia La Strega has to find out—and fast. The creature’s attacks keep intensifying, hitting ever closer to home. It doesn’t help that Pru’s magical skills are wobbly, and that she faces pressure from a rival witch and a council of uptight warlocks. Things get even more complicated when Pru discovers that to succeed, she must first find her true love.

The Incompetent Witch and the Missing Men (Book 2)

In this installment, all the men of Douchecanoe go missing, and Prudenzia and a stalwart team of local shifters (and one banshee) go looking for them. As Pru suspects, Frigid Brigid is behind it. Can Pru stop her before she turns all the local males into her playthings?

The Incompetent Witch and the Malego (Book 3)

Something slimy, pretentious and overly sensitive stalks the countryside. It’s a malego—a male ego come to life, and it’s making the men of Douchecanoe act like simpering, entitled doofuses. Of course, everyone turns to Prudenzia, but with her overbearing mother popping in for a visit, she’s already got her hands full.

Fast Lane Romance Series

Palm Springs Heat (Book 1)

Malibu Bride (Book 2)

San Fernando Dreams (Book 3)

Man Writing a Romance

Man Writing a Romance

Short, funny observations about love, sex and panties by a guy about writing his first romance novel, Palm Springs Heat–which turned into the Fast Lane Romance series (followed in July 2013 by Malibu Bride and San Fernando Dreams in early 2014).

Man Writing Another Romance

Yeah, a man can write a romance. If he does his homework on subjects like “what’s all this about alpha males,” “do men really hate a woman’s ‘orgasm face,'” and “what the hell is a Mesh Flyaway Babydoll and G-string set?” You’ll find the answers to all these things and more in Man Writing ANOTHER Romance.

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See You in Hell

Lucinda Nero is downsizing her company when a disgruntled soul blows her away. She’s not surprised to find herself in hell—but all hell breaks loose when Lucinda takes over.