Good to know

“The vast, vast (vast!) majority of women and men know that love and romance and intimacy and pleasure have plenty of room to exist and thrive in a space and a culture that also frowns on (and prosecutes) sexual harassment and assault.” —Balancing Act columnist Heidi Stevens

Dreamy music

We all dream, but I was a little surprised when I discovered I’d inadvertently put two songs right next to each other on a play list without knowing that they’re both about imaginary lovers. I think we all have imaginary lovers. I, for one, have fallen in love with a few of my heroins. Is …

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Method to her madness

Teri Gender Bender, the singer and writer of this song, opens by saying she’s not sure what it’s about. I don’t, either, but I know one thing for sure–I love her voice. The link goes to an acoustic live version, but the fleshed out electric version is online, too, and it will blow you away.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDNyDs02Jdg

Be happy

A few months ago I was looking through music on my computer and found a bunch of songs with female singers that I could barely remember downloading. That led to a “project” that involved creating play lists for music with just female singers. I’ve listened to more than 250 songs dozens of times and rated …

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Seriously, lit?

A while back someone alerted me about The Very Big O being sold on some website I didn’t recognize. I checked it out and asked the people who ran it to remove the novella from their listings. Which they did. Which was too bad, in a way. You see, the site sold text books and …

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