Approaching the finish line

It comes to this. Fast Lane is written, rewritten, rewritten, rewritten, rewritten again, and proofread. Only the hard part is left.


Actually, I didn’t find formatting anywhere near as difficult as I was told it would be when I put Man Writing a Romance, the Ebook, up for sale last month. If you want to self-publish something, I heartily recommend Mark Coker’s Smashwords Style Guide–How to Format Your Ebook.

I’d like to be able to tell you Fast Lane is available right now, but life intervenes for a few days in the form of house guests. Since the Packers don’t play until Monday night, I do have all of Sunday and Monday to get the book in shape.

In the meantime, please tell everyone to come here and admire this wonderful cover designed by Connie Gage. How lucky I am to live two blocks from an art director who has worked with international stars.

The cover for ManWAR the book was easy–all I needed was a free graphics editing program, a $4.99 photo of two good-looking people, a warped sense of humor and a desire to spend a great deal of time photoshopping my head onto a hunk’s body instead of working on important stuff like Fast Lane. And my day job. But Fast Lane? That cover would require talent and vision.

Mission accomplished.

You’ve been given fair warning, ManWARriors, so free up space on your Kindles or whatever you use to read ebooks. An old-fashioned paper version of Fast Lane will be along pretty soon–in time for the holidays, for sure.

I’ve already started to work on what I plan to publish next. More on that in future installments. I’ve got a feeling I’m not so much almost done with Fast Lane as almost beginning something you and I will enjoy for a long time.

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