This is a true story:

It’s probably not what you think. I’ve written all kinds of things, from newspaper articles to menus for chic restaurants to screenplays that were almost made into movies. I write about cars, too – but don’t ask me to fix your car, because I can’t. I’m a writer, not a mechanic. My wife Mary Jo and I run a freelance writing business, and during the depths of the Great Recession, most of our clients had no work for us.

I started writing romance novels because I caught my wife (you know I’m a man, right?) checking out erotic romance sites.

Mary Jo thought she could write an erotic novella and have it up for sale in a few months. I thought, “If she’s man enough to do it, I can do it, too.”

Turns out, she wasn’t man enough. A few days later, she admitted she could barely read an erotic romance, let along write one. I, on the other hand, had already gotten a head start on the book now called THE GOOD GIRL’S SURPRISE. A good start – but not necessarily an erotic one. It gets steamy in places, but it’s more about the characters, humor, settings and plot.

I didn’t set out to write a series, but I liked the way GOOD GIRL turned out that I needed to write the sequel, THE SASSY GIRL’S DO-OVER. And that one gave me so much joy that I absolutely had to write THE PARTY GIRL’S DILEMMA.

Those books were originally known, respectively, as Palm Springs Heat, Malibu Bride and San Fernando Dreams. If you want paperbacks, the books still go by those titles. For now.

Last year, New York Times best-selling author Robyn Peterman invited me to write a Kindle Worlds novella based on her Magic & Mayhem series about a spunky urban witch banished to rural West Virginia. That’s how THE INCOMPETENT WITCH AND THE VERY BIG O came about. I was honored by the invitation – and as a bonus, I had even more fun writing The Very Big O than my previous romances! And, I’m happy to say, new chapters to Prudenzia La Strega’s adventures in Douchecanoe, West Virginia, will be forthcoming in 2017.

I love writing funny books. I love writing sex scenes, too – but mostly, I want my readers to laugh.

And that’s the truth.

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