A little sex, as promised

One way I like to establish that my hero and heroine are connecting is something I call “the double fantasies.” The characters have already met and find themselves fantasizing about each other, not realizing how similar their scenarios are.

The excerpt below involves Sushma Vishnuveda and Holt Richards from Malibu Bride, the second book in the Fast Lane series—which will soon be available on Amazon as a download. It’s Sushma’s first day on the job at Holt’s Hollywood agency, HRA. Sushma used to be Fast Lane’s COO, but she left that job in disgrace. She’s determined not to repeat her mistakes…no matter how tempting.
Double Fantasies

As much as Holt admired Sushma’s business acumen and drive, he also found her physical attributes appealing. Short? Check. Pretty face? Check. Killer figure? Check mate.
He had often imagined lounging on the deck of his Coldwater Canyon home on a warm night, wearing

nothing but silk boxers. Wearing a business suit, Sushma would come onto the deck bearing martinis. Holt would admire her figure as she downed her drink silhouetted by the shimmering lights of the city. Then she’d climb into his lap to feed him two olives from a skewer. She would lick a third olive before pushing it into her mouth through her full, glistening lips.

He’d undo the buttons of her jacket to happily discover she wore nothing underneath. He would stroke her breasts and tease her nipples with his tongue while she moved back and forth across his groin and moaned. He’d lie back and watch her remove her underwear. They’d both laugh as she’d toss them onto his face. Finally, she’d pull his shorts down, straddle him and guide him into her.
Her curls flopping over her eyes…
Her breasts bobbing with each thrust of his hips…
(sensuous) “Did you have a good flight?” 
The voice of Holt’s office manager, Sela Wolfe, knocked Holt out of his fantasy. “Huh?”
“From Milwaukee?”
“Oh, right. Yeah. Tremendous.”
“Good,” Sela said in her deep, sensuous voice. “Sushma Vishnuveda is waiting for you. I told her you weren’t coming in till now, but she seemed really eager.”
Holt looked toward his office and, through the glass walls, studied the woman standing at the window. His heart beat faster—and his pants seemed a little tighter.
It’s only her first day. Don’t want to scare her off.
He adjusted the pants and took a deep breath before crossing the common area.
Sushma took in the view.The tops of palm trees. Cars streaming down Santa Monica Boulevard. Pretty white houses dotting the Hollywood Hills.
Turning her head slightly, she could peer through the glass interior walls of the office and see the sky through a massive skylight over the central atrium. And palm trees that grew on the roof. The view was intriguing, but her thoughts drifted to Holt. He is a strikingly handsome man. And tall. And confident. Everything a woman would desire.
Sushma imagined herself and Holt in this office. After hours. Just the two of them, bathed in streaks of multicolored twilight. They would be discussing something—a business matter, papers spread out before them. She would lean over the desk and notice him peeping down her jacket. The one she wore today: a striped Armani with a shawl collar. Except, in her fantasy, she did not wear a silk tank top beneath it.
Or anything else.
She would ask, “Do you like what you are seeing?”
He would look into her eyes and say, “Yes, very much.”
And she would say, “You will enjoy seeing this even more.”
She would unbutton the jacket and he would cup her breasts and tease her nipples with his tongue until she stood to remove her underwear. She would tickle his face with them, then unzip his pants and pull them down, relishing his wicked smile as she climbed onto his lap and guided him into her.
Right here in this glass cube.
Sushma shook her head in surprise. For six years she had not thought of any man but Clay Creighton in this way. I must not do the same with Holt. Having such thoughts about my boss is what ruined my last job.
Her hair flopping over her eyes…
Her breasts bobbing with each thrust of his hips…
“Like what you’re seeing?”
Sushma whirled to see Holt standing by the open door. “Shit!”
“I take it you mean that in the best possible way,” he said as he moved toward her.
Sushma straightened her clothes as inconspicuously as possible. “Yes, of course. I was admiring the view and became lost in my thoughts.”

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